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Observing a carpet from its middle (page 3)
Giovanni Curatola

In his short essay the author deals with the origins and the functions of carpets. He points out the approach to using (horizontal carpet that has to be observed from its interior being seated on its middle) and its symbolic sacredness. In fact, although the carpet is considered in different ways in the East and in the West, it holds all the characteristics that made it an important handmade textile for every culture and civilisation, since we can always discover in it some elements which are important also from a symbolic point of view. Concerning this, for instance, the edges with a zigzag pattern (which are typical above of kilim carpets) prevent negative spirits from “upsetting” the field of the carpet that is protected by its corners against which the evil ghosts break.

Banal carpets (page 10)
Giovanni Curatola

The author answers to some recurring questions in the world of carpets, trying to discredit some prejudices and commonplaces related to a sort of “mythology” of textiles. Therefore, he deals with the following subjects: the importance of the thickness of the knotting, the way of identifying a carpet, the reason why Persian carpets are considered amomg the most valuable ones, the way of cleaning the carpet, whether or not the carpet has certain colours…