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An investigative model using ecclesiastical source documents on liturgical vestments from the mid 1500s and early 1600s
Michela Cimolino (pag. 3)

The aim of this study is to provide an evaluative and investigative tool for studying the history of liturgical vestments. The model concentrates on specific historical and territorial parameters, demonstrating the usefulness in using the history of pastoral visits as sources of information on textiles and vestments. The analysis of the documents is both effective and important in making direct comparisons with those objects referred to in the historic writings and still present in the churches. The analysis is also helpful in those cases where the church referred to in the document no longer possesses objects contemporary to the document itself.

Vestments and Patriarchs. A new textile exhibition at the Museum of the Duomo in Udine
Maria Beatrice Bertone (pag. 10)

A new textile exhibition at the Museum of the Duomo in Udine, Italy, is concentrated around religious textiles from the 17th and 18th centuries. Technical and stylistic types from textile production and embroidery are illustrated in the religious vestments donated by the Dolfin family patriarchs. The collection exemplifies the history of ecclesiastical clothing, ranging from various types of celebratory garments to the accessories used in the liturgy. The exhibit documents the use of the individual objects during liturgical celebrations in past periods. The exhibition connects to the rooms in the Museum housing the funerary trousseau of the Patriarch Bertando of Saint Gèniés (13th-15th centuries), creating a truly unique overview of textile history in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Study, research and restoration of embroidery in Italy
Flavia Fiori, Maria Beatrice Bertone (pag. 13)

On 24 September 2005, a nationally significant study day was held at San Giulio Island on Lago d’Orta in the province of Novara, Italy. Textile scholars, researchers, and restorers met at the Abbey on the Island to discuss various topics dealing with embroidery. Special attention was given to completed and on-going restoration projects.